Preconstruction planning

Preconstruction planning is an often overlooked yet vital part of the project development process. Standard goals such as keeping a project on time and on budget are much easier to accomplish when proper preconstruction planning has been done.


health safety executive (HSE)

At Electrocontrol, safety is our first priority, in which all incidents are intolerable and there is a desire and commitment to make sure we do everything in our power to avoid any situation that puts our employee subcontractors, clients, or local communities at risk.


Engineering Support

Our engineering support provide following services include: • Estimating • Project Planning /Scheduling • Risk Analysis • Cash Flow Forecasting • Project Cost Tracking • Reporting and Graphics • Construction Management

Type of Work Performed


Horizontal and vertical vessel, Tank, Piping (Cs-Ss-Frp-Gals-Aluminum), Insulation, Heavy mineral and metallurgical equipment, Cold box, Conveyor (Belting, Pneumatic, Rollo, Screw), Refractory, Gas turbine (Combustion - Expansion), Pump, Compressor (Air-Gas), Motor and Generator, Diesel engine, Fin fan, Exchanger, Hydraulic system, Solar power plant


DCS, PLC, Pneumatic controller, Analyzer, Transmitter (Pressure, Temp, Flow, Level) (conventional. smart, Field bus), Meter Prover, Indicator (Pressure, Temp, Flow, Level), Control Value, P/I, I/P, Cabling (Fiber-Shielded), Tubing (Copper, Multicors),

When Engineering Is Subject We Are Object Of Attraction